What Windshield Repair isn’t!! 


Windshield Repair isn’t a “disappearing act”.  In other words, it’s not supposed to disappear!!  Repairing a stone chip involves filling the fractured area with a resin that matches the “index of refraction” of the glass, making it structurally stronger to help prevent it from spreading, as well as making it less obtrusive, but it does not make it go away or disappear. 


In fact, when you look directly at it, from close up ( an inch away ), especially if you take a high powered flashlight and shine it directly on it, ( like one particular state inspector did )  you will see the clear outline of the filled area.  You’re supposed to see it! 


If you want it to go away, to disappear, and not be there at all, you need to replace the glass.


I always tell my clients before starting the repair exactly what I’m doing, and what to expect.  This alleviates any misconceptions regarding expected results. 


However, if you wish to keep from breaking the factory seal, and also save money, extend the life of the windshield,  then call me and get it repaired!


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