Repair these and make them look like….

Clamshell rock chip

Bullseye Rock Chip

Canes windshield utilizes The No Drill System of Baltimore produce superior repairs!!!

Repairs that look like this:

After Imge


Windshield repair is the process of introducing an adhesive into the damage that was caused when a rock hit their windshield, with the intention of bonding it together to restore the structural integrity as well as improve its optical appearance.


A superior windshield repair requires that all of the air that is inside the stone damage has to be removed completely, and  the stone chip must be completely filled with a proper resin, in order to produce a superior repair.


Inferior repairs occur when air is trapped inside the damage, which means that those  areas of the fracture haven’t been filled completely. This makes the repair visibly obtrusive as well as structurally weaker!!   Once a repair is done improperly,  the damage is now permanent, and usually requires replacement of the glass. 

I’m a pioneer in the Windshield Repair industry, with over 35 years of field experience.  I’m able to repair a single long crack, while my biggest NATIONAL competitor states that they will only fix a crack that is 6″ or less. 


Additionally, I’m able to successfully repair very complicated compound stone chips that most technicians will tell you that you have to replace your windshield. 



Don’t make  your decision on price, as it rarely means higher quality. 


I strive to provide the highest quality service coupled with superior repairs

Remember: Located in Baltimore… windshield repair rock chips and long cracks!!  For superior windshield repair.

Family Owned, Operating Locally in Pikesville, Baltimore MD. 


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