Top Reasons To Repair And Not Replace:

  1. Save money, Save money and Save More Money!!!
  2. Stop them from spreading into long cracks by restoring the structural integrity of the glass!
  3. Restore optical clarity, making the damages less obtrusive!
  4. Save time!
  5. Don’t break the factory seal. Breaking the factory seal of the windshield causes many problems such as leaks during rain, increased air and road noise, and condensation on the inside of your car!
  6. A windshield is a part of the structure of the car, and provides a portion of the vehicles structural strength; Hence, It helps to support the roof, but also helps to keep you from being ejected from the vehicle in serious accidents.
  7. Environmentally cleaner that dumping the glass into a landfill. 
  8. The BEST reason to use Canes Windshield Repair : SUPERIOR REPAIRS!!
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