NO WATER IN ANY WAY.  Water intrusion inhibits the repair process, and the stone damages have to be dried out.  Even though I have a method of drying the damage out, its best to not wet the car or wash the glass or DETAIL THE CAR, before I proceed with your repair.  Please don’t clean the glass for me, or use any type of surfactant like Rain X.  Rain X keeps the glass from being bonded properly, and will need to oxidize away before a proper repair can be done.   Water mixes with the resin, turning it cloudy. 


If possible,Keep the vehicle dry before its repaired.


Repair it before it spreads!! Don’t wait!!   Your windshield stone damage may even be several months or even older.  Two things happen the longer you wait to fix it.  The first is that dirt and other contaminants leach down inside the break, which can then never be cleaned out or removed, which results in a substandard more visible repair. 


This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fix an older damage, it just means that more environmental contamination can influence the outcome of the repair. Waiting to fix it increases the likelihood that it will spread into a long crack. 


Repair it NOW, as soon as it happens. 


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